Bright Avocats regularly contribute articles to media spécialising in English-speakers with projects in France. 
We are also often called upon to unravel legal problems that subscribers write in about.

The importance of being earnest… with your bank loan

Understanding your bank loan and why you need expert legal advice.

Renovate your home on sound legal foundations

To avoid building site blues and potentially costly repairs, make sure you’re aware of builders’ legal obligations in France.

Coping with the French Artisan

... or English one for that matter because an ever increasing number of “foreign” professionals are setting up business in our lovely area of France.

Divorce in France: Financial and Tax Implications

Can two non-French nationals divorce in France and does French law apply to them? What types of French divorce are there?

Who keeps the money if the sale falls through?

Who gets the money if a French property sale goes through
When purchasing property in France, two contracts will be signed and upon the signature of the first, the purchaser will pay into a notary’s account...

Property purchase litigation

Buying a French house is obviously not as easy as buying a baguette, but there are those that treat it as lightly…

Legally dealing with doo-doo

Sarah Bright, property lawyer in Toulouse, tackles the unmentionable

Smooth property transactions

The key to a smooth property transaction is the company you keep

Brief description of the legal system in France

The distinction barristers / solicitors does not exist in France. “Avocats” (lawyers) provide advocacy services before all Courts in France and...

La Tontine

Tontine cake
To love and to cherish ’til we are parted by death
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